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Upgrades & Modifications

Pano glass on Defender 90

Includes rear quarter and new tinted rear glass with brake lights
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LED headlamps

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Stainless steel bolt kits

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Carpet trim edges with custom text colour

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Leather dash kits to match any interior

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XS style grille

With headlamp surround upgrade

WIPAC lamp kit with number plate lamp

DLR bumper with ring lamps More info

Underbody wash

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Chassis only under protection painting

Extra doors & cavities can be added

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Pano glass on Defender 90

Feature Highlights

  • 4mm toughened (tempered) safety glass E43R – 00320 DOT6. European Commission Directive 2001/92/EC, Regulation No 43 of the UN/ECE – we put safety standards first.
  • Our glass is manufactured in Europe and is not a cheap Chinese import.
  • Light-reflecting, glare reducing and heat-absorbing glass – especially important when touring hot countries
  • The “slide opening window” version has a high-quality high-security locking system. Smooth sliding action – no leaks, draughts or rattles.
  • High quality factory-prepared dark tint – NOT an attached film which can be scratched or peeled off
  • The specialist silicone bonding adhesive we supply can tolerate a wide temperature range of minus 40 to plus 90 degrees centigrade.
  • Panoramic windows include an internal aluminium frame which is factory-bonded to the tinted glass. It is original Land Rover quality and fits exactly in the window aperture. It has a tough satin black thermoplastic powder coat paint finish. Both the sliding and non-sliding versions have this frame.
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LED headlamps Sold as PAIR

Sealed beam LED headlights with dipped beam and main beam functions. Assuming your vehicle can take 7" lights, they are perfect for off-road vehicles (e.g. Land Rovers), motorcycles, heavy duty trucks, military applications and more. Available in left and right hand drive traffic versions.

With the appearance of a pure white light, LED headlamps run at lower power than Halogen and Xenon alternatives – ensuring up to 50x longer life – and offer the same forward visibility without the harsh glare.

These high-quality LED headlights have die-cast aluminium housings, polycarbonate lenses which offer superior protection against impact from road debris and other hazards and use a H4, 3-blade connector.

Being LED means you will never need to change a bulb again.

  • DOT and E Marked.
  • Mount: compatible with PAR56 7" (7 inch)
  • Will fit Any vehicle capable of accepting PAR56 type headlamps.
  • RHD and LHD drive versions.
  • Parabolic Aluminised Reflector.
  • Highly durable and economical CREE LEDs.
  • Low Beam - 2800 Lumens at 30 watts.
  • High Beam - 4450 Lumens at 48 watts.
  • Row Lumen output is 5600LM, Effective 3640LM.
  • Stepless thermal management system built-in.
  • Will fit vehicles that have 7 inch headlamps.
  • Dipped and Main beam functions.
  • Standard H4 socket, and H4 to H13 converter.
  • Multi-Volt Design Works With Both 12V And 24V Systems.
  • Colour temperature: 6000 - 6500k.
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Stainless steel bolt kits

Using these stainless steel replacement bolt and screw kits will prevent rusty stains from spoiling your Defender's bodywork. Ideal for smartening up your vehicle and making it last longer looking smart.

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Carpet trim edges with custom text colour

Gloss Black pair of FRONT & REAR "DEFENDER" door carpet retainer trims with Stainless Steel fixings

Fits Land Rover Defender 90/110 doors High Grade Steel, Zinc & Powder Coated in Gloss Black DEFENDER Black Pack This is a great upgrade, really freshens up any Land Rover when the door is open and you can choose the colour for the inserts to match your style.

Very simple to swap - No drilling required - Fits original holes

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Defender hand-stitched leather interior enhancements

Enhance your Defender with some of the best quality hand stitched leather interior trim parts. Whether you are looking to change your gear levers, your dash panels or your gearbox gaiters then Wallis Defenders will have the right stuff for you, in any colour with any colour stitching.

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XS style grille and Headlight Surround Kit

Enhance the look of your Land Rover Defender with a front grill and headlight surround kit in a choice of Black with Silver Mesh or Silver with Black Mesh finish.. The Kit includes the Grille, Left and Right headlight surrounds with an option to add a replacement Land Rover badge.

Defender Bumper with Rectangular LED DRLs

Unlike the other bumpers of the same design available online, ours is ZINC COATED for longer lasting rust protection.


  • 3mm thick steel, zinc coated and finished in high-quality black powder coating to give your defender a stronger edge strength compared to standard Land Rover Bumpers.
  • A direct replacement for the original Land Rover bumper with daytime running lights, which are fitted as standard to most recent Defenders.
  • Easy to wire up daytime running lights and fitting instructions are included.

This Defender Bumper will replace the original Land Rover Defender Bumper.

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Underbody cleaning

While it is important to regularly clean and maintain your car to keep it free from harmful dirt and contaminants, the underside of a car is often overlooked and left neglected. It is important however to also clean the underside of your car to ensure that harmful dirt and contaminants are not left to accumulate and so that the large variety of components are able to operate properly. It is especially important to try and keep the underside of your car clean if it is used off road at all, or if it is used in areas where it is subject to an excess of road grime or surface salts during winter months for example.

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Chassis only under protection painting

Protection of your vehicle is very important to ensure its longevity and avoid expensive repairs later in life or even its subsequent scrappage. In the UK the use of road-salt in winter is particularly harsh so we recommend treating and preserving your vehicle every five years but owners of vehicles located near the coast or, even worse, vehicles that have been driven in the sea are particularly vulnerable and we would highly recommend carrying out rust prevention inspection and treatment more often.

Once the initial treatment has been applied we are more than happy to carry out annual inspections and touch up or re-apply the rust prevention treatments as necessary.

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Service Packages

A Service

Every 12 months or 12,000 miles

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What's included?

B Service

Every 24 months or 24,000 miles

Starting from


What's included?

Extras Service

Every 48 months or 48,000 miles

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What's included?

Highly skilled Land Rover services

Our highly skilled Land Rover trained technicians will service your Land Rover using the approved manufacturer’s schedules and approved genuine or original equipment parts to protect your manufacturer’s warranty. (We are not able to service vehicles with a Land Rover service plan). Once the vehicle has been fully appraised, using our industry standard Vehicle Health Check (VHC), we will seek further authorisation from the customer before any extra work is carried out.

Main dealership

All our services listed are to the Land Rover Servicing schedules and cannot be compared to a Minor or Major service of the main dealer. Competitive alternative vehciles Major and Minor service are available.

What's included in the A service package

  • Oil Filter Change
  • Oil change
  • Check Front and Rear Differential levels
  • Check screen wash
  • Check Brake Fluid
  • Check Coolant Fluid
  • Check PAS Fluid
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What's included in the extras service package

  • Differential oil change every 48 months or 48,000 miles
  • Front and rear calliper overhaul every 48 months or 48,000 miles
  • Front and rear brake hose replacement every 48 months or 48,000 miles
  • Transfer box oil change every 96 months or 96,000 miles
  • Manual gearbox oil change EVERY 120 months OR 120,000 miles
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What's included in the B service package

  • Oil Filter Change
  • Oil change
  • Air filter change
  • Fuel filter change
  • Remote battery change
  • Check Front and Rear Differential levels
  • Check screen wash
  • Change Brake Fluid
  • Check Coolant Fluid
  • Check PAS Fluid
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