We believe in the future

In the not so distant future, electric cars are going to be all the rage. We're doing our bit by making sure that we're supplying electric charging points for our future-savvy customers. Why not come in and enjoy a comfortable seat and a decent cuppa while your car is charging?

Our forecourt is full of secrets

We offer more than just petrol & electric charging. We provide all the 'essentials' you might need: American foods, alcohol, snacks, drinks, freshly baked goods, coffee & an ATM.

Our forecourt shop is now a totally new habitat

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Filling/ charging station

Wallis & Son runs a popular filling station selling Pace Super Unleaded, Unleaded and Diesel from eight pumps. Most fuel cards are accepted.

Coffee station

We offer something that little bit extra, not just a bog standard petrol station coffee, but a fantastic Wild Bean coffee provided by a state-of-the-art and easy-to-use coffee machine. We also provide the to-go cup which is perfect for your car's cup holder.

Freshly baked

Everyone gets the odd prang on the road. Why not treat yourself to one of our freshly baked in-store treats? We have a wide range of option including, but not limited to: bread, buns, cakes, pizza, savoury slices and so much more.

American candy/ foods

Bring the family in tow, to stock up on some of those goods you only ever hear of on American TV. Children and adults alike become excited when they see brand names they hear on Friends or The Simpsons: Twinkies; Hershey's Chocolate; Lucky Charms Breakfast Cereal; Nerds Candy; as well as Betty Crocker and Aunt Jemima mixes and sauces.