If you're broken down & in need of assistance please ring us on: 01223 265232 or email us at servcie@wallisandson.co.uk

Vehicle Recovery & Transport where we move the car for you!

A growing part of the business at Wallis & Son is Wallis Recovery, a breakdown and accident recovery service that operates a fleet of modern high-tech vehicles. Wallis Recovery operates in and around Cambridgeshire and across much of the Eastern Counties. Already, just months after launch, the service is rapidly gaining a reputation for its promptness along with its friendly and efficient customer service amongst private motorists, fleet operators and insurance companies.

Wallis & Son have invested heavily in providing their Wallis Recovery drivers with the best possible equipment with which carry out their work. The recovery vehicles are fitted with highly efficient satellite navigation systems in order for them to arrive at the scene of a breakdown or accident in the quickest possible time.

Wallis Recovery's fleet of breakdown vehicles enable the team to rescue and recover any type of vehicle, from a motorcycle and passenger car through to light commercial vehicles and trucks weighing up to 3500kg. A Rapid Deployment Trailer (RDT) (as used by motoring organisations such as the AA and RAC) is often used during the recovery process.

We have two specialist 4 x 4 recovery vehicles modified for the winter snow, floods and recovery from off road. Both vehicles are fitted with first aid kits and fire extinguishers and tool kits for safety and small road side repairs.

Recovered vehicles can be taken to any destination of your choice, to your home, workplace address, garage, bodyshop or back to Wallis & Son for repair should you so wish. It's all part of the service.

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Car Transporter Hire

Why not hire a recovery truck today? If you're interested in hiring a recovery lorry then we could help. Wallis Rentals offer a recovery vehicle services, which can help with car transport, recovery services etc.. If you're interested in a recovery vehicle for rent then contact us at rentals@wallisandson.co.uk, call us at 01223 265220, view the recovery hire or get a quote now! thank you.