Are white cars still fashionable?

White Range Rover Sport 2010
White range rover wedding hire self drive hire

White is currently the most popular colour to have on your car taking over from silver, making up around 20% of the car market. White can really show off the beautiful shape of a car as manufactures usually use this colour in show rooms, to show off a recent model. As cars are ever evolving, new shapes and designs are flooding the market and to showcase this, white is often used. The colour can suit any model of car as it is seen as a ‘standard’ colour along with the like of black and grey. Having a white finish can suit any vehicle as statistics show that white is the world’s favourite colour to have on a car.

I personally think a Rolls Royce Phantom in white looks absolutely stunning and will turn some heads to say the least, the white helps it stand out and can create an aura of astonishment when cruising down the street. I believe the white can help add that sense of legacy for the Rolls Royce, showing it to be one of the world’s most respected manufacturers with this classic paint job.

Rolls Royce Phantom in White
White Rolls Royce Phantom Luxury Travel

With companies like apple paving the way for white to be the colour of products in modern society, BMW have produced cars in white more as well. Sandy McGill who is BMW’s lead colour designer has stated that BMW have taken inspiration from the trend Steve Jobs started and look to use his ideology in the future with exciting up and coming models such as the M9, which shows how well white can outline the stunning shape of a car. White cars have the ability to hold their value throughout the years out of any other colour, as it makes a car look prestige and can help it withstand the test of time, making any car brand new with a lovely, glistened white paint job.

2010 Range Rover Vogue SE in White Wrap
Land Rover Range Rover Vogue SE in White For weddings and self drive hire

Although it may be very fashionable it is not very practical. Dirt will easily leave a mark on the bottom of the car instantly making it seem less appealing; to have a nice shine to your car it must be regularly washed, as when it picks up miles on the road the car will eventually look tired and start to look rugged if your car is in a factory white.

But overall I believe white will be the world’s favourite colour for years to come due to it having the ability to show off the incredible bodywork of new cars. It is a very safe option to go for, if you are buying a car for the first time as it will fit it on the roads and give your car a strong sense of respectability and have it glide along the road so majestically.