Why do People Choose Motorbikes over Cars?

No form of transportation can compare to a motorcycle, the two wheel break neck speed at the drop of a wrist, the freedom of an open road with no surroundings and the sense community which comes with it. Although motorbikes and cars may seem quite similar there are so many aspects that make them the complete opposite. Many people choose to ride bikes for the pure love and passion and for the multiple benefits which is unparalleled when it comes to driving a car

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Car vs motorbike

The first benefit is a financial one. To buy a bike around just 5 years old, depending of model of course, on average you will look to spend anywhere from £3000 to £6000 but most probably on the lower side as motorbikes decline in value over the years rapidly, a lot faster than a car. Furthermore insurance is far cheaper than a car as the base cost of the vehicle and the repairs are less money than a car

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Save money by riding a motorbike


The freedom you get on an open country road, with the sun shining as you feel and smell nature while the wind blows past you is incomparable. If you ask anybody that rides bikes this will be the first thing that springs to mind, as its a feeling like no other. Cars are designed for comfort and ensuring relaxing experience as you drive which makes them quite mundane according to most riders. You can’t feel the breeze as you climb up the gears and you can’t get a real sense for your environment

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Riding a motorbike down a country road

With a motorbike you will always find yourself working on something, as its almost like a constant work-in-progress. And for those who are mechanically minded and like a garage project, a motorbike is obviously just for you. As with less parts it is easier maintenance and furthermore with jhless hassle getting to the engine it means less labour intensity and its easier to get to

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Lady working on her motorcycle in the garage

One thing bikers are huge on, is the sense of community between fellow riders, whether its a head nod as you drive past somebody else on a bike, or whether its going on hideouts with everyone who rides in the local area. You will always find yourself making friends with other riders as the community is tight knit and so welcoming as you all share the same passion. As a bike can not only be used for a commute, its supposed to be a hobby, to be used as somebody’s pride and joy, a constant garage project

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Making friends through both riding motorbikes

One of the final points i may add is that it is great fun able to filter through cars in a traffic jam or pile up! It can actually save you some vital time on your commute to work, and maybe cut down your journey by 5-10 minutes, which can mean a crucial 5 minute lie in on Monday morning! As bikes offer so many advantages over a car, so if you’ve ever been interested in riding a motorbike and love the culture, realistically, what is stopping you?

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Gentlemen buying his first motorbike