Wallis and son, 80 years in the motor trade.


In 2017 we at Wallis and Son celebrated a fantastic 80 years in business, from 1937 we have been in the motor industry growing day, by day with our garage situated in Barton, on the outskirts of Cambridge which was built in 1984.

Wallis and Son are a family business currently run by the fourth generation, with plans to keep the business as a family together, being passed down by generations. This so far has been very successful with the garage adding a petrol station and shop in 1998, with Cambridge being such a tough market to fit in to, Wallis and Son have thrived, especially in the hire department. Where some of the most prestige cars are available, from Aston Martins to Bentley’s the fleet is rather impressive. Furthermore the wedding car business boasts an impressive fleet of its own, from timeless vintage Bentley’s to Jaguar E-types it seems to have it all!

One thing that has kept Wallis and Son thriving through recessions is the ideology that you can not afford to stand still in the motor industry. As Elliot Wallis said when interviewed by IQ magazine “Seize new opportunities and don’t let them pass you by. Take every opportunity as a way of growing your knowledge and experience.” This mindset has allowed the company to branch out into different areas of the motor trade and still find a way to grow year by year.

As Wallis and Son look to the future and look to further expand with a healthy growth mindset, it seems the company shows no signs of slowing down, as being in the ever changing, ruthless motor trade Wallis and Son continue to take new opportunities and not become flat footed.