Goodwood revival a wonderful day of classic cars.

Goodwood revival 2017
Goodwood revival 2017

One word. Iconic. That simply sums up the experience and atmosphere at Goodwood revival. Being in partner with rolex for this fantastic day further adds to the exclusivity and classy feeling to these beautiful automobiles. With this event tailored to the highlights of the past, it rejuvenates the great British spirit even including a vintage market place with clothes featured in the stunning fashion show.


Some people seem quite apprehensive whether to go, especially if they are a Lady. But this is a common misconception as people who have never been may see this as something that only appeals to men. But the goodwood revival is all about reliving the best bits of the past with your other half. Even being stated on their website it is a day of “romance and glamour.” It is a day to spend with your lover and relive the best parts of the past. It is clear goodwood have really catered the day for couples, and keeping the ladies entertained is at the highest importance along with the gentlemen.


Goodwood revival is like a time machine, revolving round the track. With the best classic cars to ever exist all in one place, as a car enthusiast where else would you rather be? It is possibly the best classic car showcase/event in the country, so it is a brilliant trip! What is described as a theatrical and sporting drama, with legendary drivers of the past and present in cars or on motorcycles, this event recaptures automobile history.


Another of the main attractions is off the track, and on a field. Thousands of the most important and famous cars of the past are lined up for a viewers pleasure. This is an excellent showcase which includes cars the guests attending. It is a fantastic way to meet others with the same interests as you, as you can so easily talk about another guests car as they show you around it.


Overall goodwill revival is quite possibly the best classic car event in the county, with the next one happening in early September. It is a great way to relive the past in such an iconic way with your other half by your side, as you meet other friendly car enthusiasts with the same interests as you. It is a great place to relive and celebrate the past!