Future of travel in the UK

We are living in an age where technology is advancing quicker than ever. From new Tesla models breaking boundaries to what we would have never thought to be possible only half a century ago. To direct trains which can get you from one end of the country to another in only 3-4 hours, and especially this country we wonder with all these advancements, what is next?

Planes being launched off runways in the centre of towns
Planes being launched off runways in the centre of towns

Well to begin with, we currently have trains becoming faster and faster especially to london. As new plans have been made to connect London with most major cities to allow people to travel across the country with great ease. Trains are possibly the easiest and second most fastest form of transport in the UK, and with these new plans put in place England will soon become the most connected country in the world. Furthermore as time goes by we will only see a decrease in time it take to get across country by train.

On the road we see huge developments in hybrid and electric cars. They are more practical, better for the environment and in some cases offer better technology. Since being introduced to the mainstream every year they have steadily risen in sales as more people are moving from diesel to electric, and that seems to be the way it shall stay until, fully electric cars become the most popular on the road. As Tesla continue to test out self driving technology the electric car industry will only become more innovative, as more companies produce them they shall become more affordable giving people more incentive to buy them, until diesel may one day become a thing of the past on the roads of the UK.

On the whole in the near future it will become easier to travel around the country by train, where major cities on the other end of the land seemingly become closer than ever with shorter journey times. And as the roads of Britain become more electric we may soon see the diesel industry take a big hit, as production of diesel cars slow down making electric vehicles king of the road.