What is the best luxury car on the market and why?

From the iconic Jaguar E-type which changed British car culture with its stunning design and interior, to the Rolls-Royce Ghost that only is driven by the most exclusive and influential people in the world, the market for luxury cars is an ever growing trade as more and more cars are etched into automotive history.


 For a luxury car to be considered of the highest quality it must have an outstanding and recognisable interior, as brands such as Bentley and Rolls-Royce have very well established their brands to be of the highest quality from their iconic seats. Also the car must be an elegant beast as it glides along the road, absorbing all the road has to offer to ensure the most comfortable ride for the passengers. Due to the constantly evolving technology inside cars, older models,such as the Jensen interceptor,feel very raw and this makes them so famous as once inside them you feel a part of history and you embrace the culture of what the brand represents. But with a more recent car such as the Model S by Tesla the fully electric machine has a wide range of gadgets that ensure the most superlative ride.


With such a contrast in people’s opinions on their preferred luxury car it is very difficult to elect a car as the best. But according to WhatCar? They crowned the BMW 5 Series 520d SE as the best luxury car currently on the market. This is due to its ability to create a ride in beautiful silence as the car absorbs anything the road has to offer. Also the interior has been praised with spacious seating and everything you need to fit into the luxury bracket. Furthermore the price tag is significantly cheaper than its competitors at around £35,000, whereas the previously mentioned Rolls-Royce Ghost is currently being sold for around a quarter of a million pounds.


New Model Range Rover Vogue SE 2013 in black
Black Range Rover Vogue SE 2013 New Model

But overall it really comes down to your own personal preference and what you believe defines the perfect luxury car. As there are so many different types of car and brands to choose from, opinions are bound to differ. For a powerful yet comfortable ride some may choose a Range Rover as it is by far the best 4×4 on the market, and never fails to deliver a beautiful ride with the surprising ability to tackle any terrain. But others may decide one of the most respected and famous brands in the world is that of Rolls-Royce, rich in history making luxury cars since 1904, Is their most favored luxury car brand and with the expert craftsmanship in recent models like the Wraith,Phantom and Dawn it is difficult to disagree. But on the whole brands such as Bentley,Rolls-Royce and BMW are continuing to dominate the luxury car market and I believe they will do for a long time,as their fantastic designs and on road performance to deliver the most smooth and comfortable ride is near unbeatable at this moment in time.

Rolls Royce Phantom in White
White Rolls Royce Phantom Luxury Travel