Top 10 Tips on Getting your Car Ready for a Tr

  1. How to prepare you car before a road trip. A little Fiat 500 loaded on the roof with bags and boxes ready for that trip away!
    How to prepare you car before a road trip. A little Fiat 500 loaded on the roof with bags and boxes ready for that trip away!

    Check your battery, especially in cold weather it will drain your battery so fast so always make sure it’s up to scratch if you’ve haven’t checked it in a while. Because you don’t want to be left stranded on a hot summers day or even worse, a cold winter’s day!

  2. Making sure you have a spare tyre in your boot is essential, it may be sitting in your boot for many years but you will sure be thankful it’s there when you need it. As it is the most important tyre pressure to check on your whole vehicle, because if you don’t have recovery cover on top of a flat spare tyre you will be left helpless.
  3. Checking your tyre pressure is also a good idea due to the fact it may be dangerous with your tyres too low or too high in pressure. With low tyre pressure your car will be severely impacted in its ability to steer and break with it being especially dangerous in the rain, on top of that you will be prone to a blow out. On the other hand high tyre pressure can affect the braking distance of a car, on top of that it can result in a loss of traction due to the fact less of the tire is in contact with the road.
  4. On the topic of tyres, checking your tread depths is also advised as with worn down tread depths it can leave your tyres with a great lack of grip along the road, so for safety precautions make sure you have your tread depths are within the legal limit of at least 1.6mm.
  5. Having your engine oil at the correct level is essential for the longevity of your engine to prevent obvious costly damage, as one of the last things you want to do is have to replace your engine after something which could have been so easily avoided.
  6. Making sure your screen wash is topped up is crucial so you can have clear vision on the road as without the appropriate amount of screen wash your eyesight is restricted and you may not spot any hazards on the road.
  7. Having the correct amount of coolant level in your engine is needed so your engine doesn’t overheat as if it does, it will lead to costly repairs being needed to either refurbish or replace your engine, so make sure you have enough coolant to avoid this expensive mistake that can be easily forgotten about.
  8. The lights on your cars should be in a road worthy conditions to see in the night for your and other drivers safety, having blown bulbs on your car can lead to lower visibility along with a possible fine if caught by the police, as it is dangerous for yourself and your vision of the road.
  9. It is not just your car you need to prepare on a road trip, it is a fantastic idea to plan ahead your fuel stops and comfort breaks. This will lead to a journey without stress and feeling reassured as the fact your route is planned it will allow you to know how long you will with you not have to worry if you will run out of fuel.
  10. If you ever feel unsure or even unsafe in your car, having a health check at your local garage can be a great way of making sure everything is running correctly, a mechanic will happily check your car for anything not up to speed, as their best interest is your safety and that your car is running to its best of its ability.