We can rent you a car transporter & store your vehicle in a luxury facility, find out more from the packages below.

Car Transportation

We have a range of different types of vehicle transporters as well as specialist equipment for the transportation & recovery of vehicles & vehicle components. Our vehicles are comprehensively insured, including Goods in Transit (vehicles transported). All of our vehicle transporters have been purpose built by leading manufacturers to a high specification & are maintained to a high standard.

The transporters are driven by members of the Wallis team who are HGV licenced, motor vehicle engineers. Reassuringly this means our drivers understand cars and as such they are able to meet the special needs of every different type of vehicle transported.

  • UK & Europe covered car transport
  • HGV drivers are experienced motor vehicle engineers
  • Classic car transport, veteran & vintage car transport
  • Race car transport, show car transport
  • Classic car auction preparation & transportation
  • Restoration projects/dismantled vehicles recovery & transport
  • Moving house? Multiple car transport (& storage) options
  • 4x4s, vintage & classic commercials transported
  • Motorcycle transportation
  • Concealed, secure, enclosed transportation for 1 to 2 cars
  • HGV transporters give greater width/protection to vehicles
  • Recovery winches & equipment fitted to all vehicles
  • Ultra low loading angles for race & low sports cars
  • Full width hydraulic loading ramps for safe easy loading & recovery
  • Difficult / restricted access recovery & ransportation (please enquire)
  • Option to use shared loads to keep costs down (where applicable)

Secure, enclosed, covered car transport ensures:

  • Vehicles remain in pristine condition from collection to delivery
  • Vehicles are protected from dirt & road salt & also from wind, tree, hedge & stone chip damage - unlike open transport
  • Ultimate security, keeping vehicles safe from thieves, vandals & souvenir hunters
  • Containment of fragile vehicles & loose components – ideal for restoration projects
  • Privacy & discretion for all vehicles during transportation

Car Storage

In partnership with CarSafe

CarSafe Storage

We know that every vehicle is different and we appreciate that certain cars and owners may have particular requirements whilst in storage, and that those requirements may change dependent on how long the vehicle will be stored. Of course we are always happy to create a bespoke package to meet your individual needs - please do ask.

For the majority of our customers, we have developed three graded packages which we believe offer the best options for most vehicles. The package which is right for you will depend on all sorts of factors, and only you can make the decision when it comes to the preservation and maintenance of your vehicle.

Storage Packages

Bronze package

  • Dehumidified, premier dedicated vehicle storage facility
  • Vehicle allowed to fully air-dry before admission to store
  • Showcase video of your vehicle following admission to store
  • Client login facility to access your vehicle’s videos
  • Unique ID and barcode management of all vehicles, accessories & keys
  • Seat, steering wheel and floor covers fitted at all times
  • Drip tray placed below each vehicle to alert us to fluid leaks
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Silver package

  • Battery condition checked on arrival and battery conditioner fitted whilst in storage
  • Tyres rolled once a month to prevent flat spotting
  • Vehicle started and run to temperature once a month
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Gold package

  • Ancillary systems check once per month
  • Anti-freeze check once per month
  • Engine fluids checked once a month and topped up if required**
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Additional services

  • Supply of car covers, loose or fitted - we strongly recommend cars in storage are covered
  • Supply of battery conditioner, or connection of your own
  • Tyre pressure checked and adjusted
  • Fluid top up
  • Pedal depression
  • Light exercise programmes
  • Battery check
  • Pre-departure check to ensure your vehicle is ready when you need it
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Carcoon & Bikebubble Storage Pods

With any of the above packages, your vehicle can be housed within an air-filtered Carcoon or Bikebubble storage pod, ensuring your vehicle is protected from changes to and contaminants in the atmosphere, essentially creating a ‘scientific clean room’ environment.

Hardtop, clothing & equipment storage

Many sports cars come with a hard and a soft top. We can store your hard top when not in use. Likewise we can look after your biking leathers and helmet dehumidified alongside your motorbike, as well as any other related parts and equipment which belong to or with your vehicle.


All vehicles must be comprehensively insured whilst in store. Please ask for details of our insurance policy and rates.