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Why is coffee on-the-go so popular & why is it such an integral part of modern society?

Grabbing a coffee in the morning is almost apart of everybody’s working morning routine, with around 2.25 billion cups of coffee being consumed every day. Most rely on it to give them that early morning boost as in modern society people are having less sleep at night with lives becoming busier, resulting in people getting less time to recover from the day. So why is coffee so popular, and how has it becoming such an integral part of our culture?

First, we begin commercially, brands like Starbucks and Costa have become almost trendy, with the cup being a symbol of fashion, almost like an extra accessory you are carrying around. This, in turn, has led to niche coffee shops popping up all over major cities, to capitalise on and become successful through peoples absorption into the branded culture, and being a part of the trend. Coffee shops have become so popular that Starbucks and Costa now have many locations with drive-thrus. This shows how much the market for coffee on-the-go has rapidly expanded in the last decade, as there is still enough demand for people to queue for a drink like fast food. 

Furthermore adding to the sense of a daily routine coffee drinking gives you, caffeine has addictive qualities on the brain which makes you come back for your morning cup. As you unintentionally make a drink a necessary part of your routine without realising you do it every day! As although it is a common joke that if you don’t have your morning coffee you will be irritable and fatigued, the scientific research shows if you are a regular drinker and have been for some time, these are some of the withdrawal symptoms you may experience if you don’t have your morning cup, which keeps us coming back. 

With everybody’s lives now on the move, so is the food and drink we consume, for example in 2017 46% of coffee consumed was done so outside of the home. As coffee does not take long to make, especially in a shop in which they prioritise speed and efficiency, as the morning routine of coffee is so convenient in modern society due to the change in lifestyle patterns, making the industry continue to grow. 

On the whole, with the coffee industry ever-growing, the morning routine of starting your day off with a cup will not be going anywhere soon. With big brands investing in the fast-paced movements of our on-the-go society, this perfectly fits the industry and will continue to grow as our lives get busier.