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Why should you rent a car for a weekend away?

Every now and again its good to get away for a while, even if its just for a couple of days, whether thats with your significant other or with the whole family, a small break from the monotonous repeat of everyday life can come as a welcomed hiatus. But have you ever considered renting a car? Many people don’t understand the freedom, practicality and enjoyment you can get out of renting a vehicle for a weekend getaway, there are so many things people do not consider as advantages for a weekend rental, so here are some reasons why you should consider it.

If you choose to get a rental this means you have a wide variety of cars to choose from, so you can select the most practically equipped car for the trip. As if you are taking a family, choosing a 7 seater Ford S-max for example would be ideal, because you have enough room for everyone to be comfortable and a boot size big enough to keep everyones bags. You can be very specific and find whatever car is most suitable for your needs and requirements. Your day-to-day personal car may not be able to accommodate for so many people so when renting a car, this gives you a lot more freedom and is a lot more practical. 

Furthermore on the note of practicality taking the road is a lot less hassle than flying, and in the end a lot more cheaper. You can directly drive when and where you need to go, and not have to wait in ridiculously long queues, probably have your flight delayed and overpay for some cold airport food, all for a 30 minute flight…

On a lighter note driving a new car can be a fun, new experience especially if its an automatic and you’ve been shifting the gears manually your whole life. So that can come as a welcomed break, as you see a new side of driving. As you know every car is different in its own way, and every manufacturer has distinct features from the other. So when choosing your rental you can keep this in mind and drive a brand of car you’ve always liked but never got to experience.

If your car has a lot of miles on the clock or is a little unreliable, taking it on a long journey may not be the right thing to do. When renting, usually most rental cars have very low mileage and are very well looked after to ensure no problems occur during the time you have it for. By driving another car as well as saving mechanical wear, you will be saving tyre wear especially your on tread depths and air pressure. A rental really can take a lot of stress out of your weekend away, as you’re not constantly worrying about the wellbeing of your vehicle.

If you wanted to make your weekend away that little bit extra special, for possibly an anniversary or a significant birthday why not rent a classic or performance car to make your weekend unforgettable? You can choose from an array of cars that you never would of thought you’d be behind the wheel of, as a weekend spent driving around the coast in a Jaguar E-Type with your significant other, sounds like the most perfect way to celebrate a milestone or anniversary.

On the whole renting a car for a weekend away seems to be a safe, practical and exciting thing to do. As airplane travel is simply too much hassle, especially for a domestic flight, furthermore taking your own car can be some unneeded stress and when you’re away any unneeded problems and issues are the last thing you need on a stress free getaway.