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Why are petrol hatchbacks becoming more popular?

Over the last few years there has been a large shift in the car market with people now buying what they need, not so much what they want. This in turn has lead to a significant rise in the amount of hatchbacks bought by the public, with people choosing practicality over a car that will run up unnecessary expenses or be hard to drive. In this modern day world, with everything so constant and on-the-move people just need that comfy reliable run around to get them from A to B in a bit of style. 

Firstly, hatchbacks are often very fuel efficient, economic cars, that also have great longevity being very dependable and versatile. It is an ideal type of car for the majority of the population too, with it being a perfect commute car that also has enough room for 4 people, and most having sizeable leg room too and a considerable boot space, where you can comfortably fit your weekly shop. Modern day hatchbacks are made for every aspect of life, as in the last decade especially, they have became a lifestyle.

Furthermore a hatchback is a perfect first car for new drivers, as insurance is low and so are the running costs, with them being relatively easy to drive as they don’t take up too much road space, meaning they are easy to parallel park too! The simplistic, clean layout many of them have make them an ideal first car as they have all the fundamental things you need, without the over complicated technology of many cars in 2019.

On the whole a hatchback is probably the safest and most financially sound car to buy. As statistics show that around 75% of hatchbacks maintain 58% of their value after three years, which on average is 23% better than any other type of car. Presenting all these reasons about the advantages of owning a hatchback makes it very apparent why so many people are flocking towards buying them. They are reliable, relatively inexpensive and practically stylish with there being so many to choose from to pick your style.