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Food to go & the growth on the market

In today’s modern society people are a lot busier than they were generations ago, people have less time to take part in their hobbies, spend time with their family and even eat. In many households it is rare that a family will come together every night for a family meal, where food has been long prepared and everybody indulges in conversation of how their day was. Furthermore, while at work it is also becoming less common for people to bring a pre-packed meal, as getting food from a shop near their place of work is what many people opt to do now, as it is easier and many people also believe it is quicker.

The food to go market has continued to be on an exponential rise, with financial experts estimating the sector will be worth £23.5 billion in 2022, with its current worth being £17.4 billion, which clearly shows no signs of people eating habits slowing down anytime soon. This is currently one of the most lucrative markets in the UK, and also all around the world. From a consumer standpoint it is far easier to get food on the go rather than prepare food at home, although more expensive to eat out, with the vast array of options and nicer foods so easily accessible it is clear why many people choose to get food on the go, as time is precious in today’s fast-moving society.

This modern ‘food to go society’ has made even the biggest retailers such as Tesco have to adapt to keep its market share and steady stream of income. Tesco are now prioritising the expansion of their ‘Tesco Express’ stores to suit modern day eating habits. This shows a trend of how a lot of similar retailers will look toward the future, with a priority of food made available quick, substantial, hot and easy.

Even the director of foodservice at Waitrose, Simon Burdess, openly said times are currently tough for many big franchises of food retailers as people are becoming very unconventional in the way they eat. With this trend showing no chance of slowing down companies investing in food to go will seem to prosper in 2019 and onwards, as people’s eating habits will continue to change and follow how society is also changing.