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Why should you consider buying an electric car?

It’s no secret that the electric car market is the most rapidly growing sector of the motor industry and it has garnered everybody’s interest. But why are they so popular? Well electric cars offer a lot of advantages that petrol or diesel ran cars simply cannot provide, such as being quite cost affective and also present some niche benefits you may never had actually considered.

On the point of being cost effective, an electric vehicle is cheaper to run due to an electric bill or cost of a home charge point being far less expensive than having to fill up from a petrol station roughly every week, especially if you take into consideration the extortionate constantly rising petrol prices. As it has been calculated, on average, that If you cover 8,000 miles a year you will save around £1000 which can in turn can help to cover the bills or anything in your life that leads to unnecessary expenses. 

Another obvious point is that you are doing your bit for the environment, which of course shows passersby that you are promoting a healthy planet, which may have a knock-on effect to the people viewing your car. Furthermore electric cars have 0 emissions being polluted into the atmosphere and less noise pollution which is a large problem in bigger cities. On top of that, with no vehicle noise you really get a feel for the road as you glide across it hearing only the tyres roll against the surface of the road. 

Also did you know the Nissan Leaf’s interior is made out of 60% recycled water bottles? So when you do buy certain electric vehicles like the Leaf that use recyclable materials, you genuinely are saving the planet. And further coming back to the topic of emissions, cars in the UK make up 25% of all carbon emissions so buy having more people driving around in electric motors, this leads to cleaner air and a healthier planet.

Electric vehicles are so convenient that you can even charge them at home, all be it that the range on some of the models are not great compared to Tesla’s 250-350 miles on some cars. It means you will never have to fill up at a petrol station ever again, all you need to do is leave the charge on overnight and you’ll be at a full charge for the morning. Or if your on the road stop of at a charging point, sit down take a break from driving, have a tea or coffee and you’ll be all set to go.

One final point that may be the deciding factor in you purchasing an electric vehicle or not is that many governments, like the UK’s will give you a grant to buy a brand new one. This saves you a significant amount of money, as governments across the world are desperate to stop climate change and save the planet. Furthermore with no emissions, this means no road tax, which can really help you financially as that is one less thing to pay for which is another perk of owning an electric vehicle.

On the whole there is a lot to consider before making the commitment to an electric vehicle, as although it is a car it can be seen as as lifestyle too. If you are one who cares for the planet and feels the need to spread awareness and convey your message to everybody who sees you car, you should not hesitate to invest in one. But as we look to the future and the strong possibility of governments around the world employing more regulations around the use of petrol and diesel ran cars, the time to buy an electric car is now.

Electric Cars

Electric charge points

With the rise of Tesla over recent years, government policies and an eco-friendly trend of cars, electric vehicles have been all the rage over the last 5 years. When walking down the street it is very uncommon nowadays that you won’t encounter a hybrid or fully electric car, as manufacturers are pushing electric vehicles to the front of showrooms and all over advertisement campaigns to appeal to this modern, eco-friendly car market. But one of the biggest problems with owning an electrical car is that charge points are few and far between in some areas, as if you own an electric car and you live deep into the British countryside you will considerably struggle to find places to charge your car compared to someone living in a metropolitan area of the country.

In November of 2018 Tesco and VW announced plans to place more electric charging points around Tesco stores and petrol stations, as every year for the past 5 years there has been at least a 40% increase from the year before in electric car sales, as from in 2015 68% more people bought an electric vehicle than they did in 2014. This is statistical proof that the electric car market will be firmly on the rise for at least the next decade and beyond due to its pattern of exponential growth.

Electric charging points for cars are starting to increase though as the market is ballooning with there being a growing demand for them, as day by day specific electrical charge points are being added around the country and can now be seen at local service stations, which is perfect as you can grab a bite to eat and take a break from the road to regain concentration and energy all while your car if recharging and refuelling outside.

Many businesses and conglomerates are starting to invest in electric charging points as it is very convenient for customers to shop while their car is charging, and this is starting to become a trend of this busy modern on-the-go world. As the market for electric cars continues to grow by the day, more convenient charging locations based around city centres are building built to keep up with the rise of electric cars.