Land Rover

A brief history of Land Rover

In 1948, the first ever Land Rover was produced, the Series 1,  which ran for an impressive 10 years on the production line. Since its birth, Land Rover was determined to make the ultimate off-road 4×4 and SUV to be used across all farms, mountains and any demanding terrain all across the world, being inspired by the hills and greenery of Britain. The Series 1 was an instant success and by the end of 1949 it quickly out sold all other Rover vehicles and was exported to nearly 70 countries. 

Just 10 years later the 250,000th Land Rover rolled off the production line, and just 7 years after that, in 1966 the 500,000th was built. Two historic milestones hit so quickly showing a clear sign of success early on. But Land Rover didn’t stop expanding from there, in 1968 Leyland, which included Rover and Triumph merged with the British Motor Corporation, who owned Morris, Austin and Jaguar. This merge united all manufacturers in the new company called ‘British Leyland.’

Throughout the next decade, business at Rover was thriving and in 1970 Range Rover was born. The new Rover would be set to be the nucleus of the Rover brand, with the Land Rover focusing on its niche of incomparable off-roading excellence, the two new lines would take on different markets and consumer groups going forward, as the Land Rover would now shift to becoming a cultural icon in British automobile history with its off roading excellence. 

But before Land Rover could achieve this in 1975, their newly merged manufacturing company which wasn’t even a decade old yet, British Leyland, had to go under state control to narrowly avoid bankruptcy, due to industry complications and financial problems. Cuts were made all across the company and Land Rover suffered a holt in their growth but after recovering around the back end of the 1970’s, the 80’s are when Land Rover started to pick up the pace again, with the release of new models, such as the ‘One Ten’ and ’Ninety.’ The success of these cars paved the way for what was coming in the turn of the next decade. 

In 1990 Land Rover changed the automobile industry forever with the first Defender coming off the production line. It was an instant cult classic, with its distinct body kit, illustrious appearance and its unparalleled ability to conquer any treacherous terrain that lay in its way. To this day the Defender is regarded as one of the most iconic off road vehicles off all time, built for a purpose and often exceeding expectations,it is a versatile machine fit for any challenge.

Since the triumphant success of the Defender, Land Rover have continued that same success with their future endeavours since, especially with the release of the Freelander in 1997. Land Rover continued to stick to its roots of off-road excellence with the new model being built with that in mind, it even came with a hill descent control system. A decade later in 2007 Land Rover made its 4,000,000th car as the brand continues to push boundaries in what is possible in a car on off-road terrain, and how possible it is to blur the lines between a car used for the daily commute and a car used to battle any perilous terrain.

In the current day Land Rover continues to excite with the up and coming release of the 2020 defender, after officially ending production of the vehicle in January of 2016. The new vehicle comes with an abstract paint job, and a brand new, reworked body kit that has got people aching for any leaks or new information. But Land Rover have kept pretty secretive about the new model, which in turn has only lead to more speculation and hype. As Land Rover continue to thrive in the off-road and SUV side of the automobile industry, there really is only few competitors, in the market that they dominate. As 2020 nears and the new defender is getting closer to release every day, Land Rover is not going anywhere anytime soon.