Food to go & the growth on the market

In today’s modern society people are a lot busier than they were generations ago, people have less time to take part in their hobbies, spend time with their family and even eat. In many households it is rare that a family will come together every night for a family meal, where food has been long prepared and everybody indulges in conversation of how their day was.

Shopping habits and why people rarely do a weekly shop now

In today’s modern, fast moving and ever evolving world people are now looking for things quicker and more on the go than ever. Over the years the current generation of adults has become busier than the last and more concerned with using their time efficiently, often not doing things the previous generation would as it is too time consuming, such as the weekly shop.

American foods: why are we so drawn to them & why do we buy so much?

As Brits we are always so drawn to American foods, from Hershey’s to Arizona iced tea but why? The American section in a shop is always full of sweets and goodies, not found on the shelf’s of shops across Britain with many different flavours and tastes that are bound to sweetly surprise somebody who has never tried an American product before.