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Why do people choose motorbikes over cars?

No form of transportation can compare to a motorcycle, the two wheel break neck speed at the drop of a wrist, the freedom of an open road with no surroundings and the sense community which comes with it. Although motorbikes and cars may seem quite similar there are so many aspects that make them the complete opposite. Many people choose to ride bikes for the pure love and passion and for the multiple benefits which is unparalleled when it comes to driving a car.

The first benefit is a financial one. To buy a bike around just 5 years old, depending of model of course, on average you will look to spend anywhere from £3000 to £6000 but most probably on the lower side as motorbikes decline in value over the years rapidly, a lot faster than a car. Furthermore insurance is far cheaper than a car as the base cost of the vehicle and the repairs are less money than a car.

The freedom you get on an open country road, with the sun shining as you feel and smell nature while the wind blows past you is incomparable. If you ask anybody that rides bikes this will be the first thing that springs to mind, as its a feeling like no other. Cars are designed for comfort and ensuring relaxing experience as you drive which makes them quite mundane according to most riders. You can’t feel the breeze as you climb up the gears and you can’t get a real sense for your environment.

With a motorbike you will always find yourself working on something, as its almost like a constant work-in-progress. And for those who are mechanically minded and like a garage project, a motorbike is obviously just for you. As with less parts it is easier maintenance and furthermore with jhless hassle getting to the engine it means less labour intensity and its easier to get to.

One thing bikers are huge on, is the sense of community between fellow riders, whether its a head nod as you drive past somebody else on a bike, or whether its going on hideouts with everyone who rides in the local area. You will always find yourself making friends with other riders as the community is tight knit and so welcoming as you all share the same passion. As a bike can not only be used for a commute, its supposed to be a hobby, to be used as somebody’s pride and joy, a constant garage project.

One of the final points i may add is that it is great fun able to filter through cars in a traffic jam or pile up! It can actually save you some vital time on your commute to work, and maybe cut down your journey by 5-10 minutes, which can mean a crucial 5 minute lie in on Monday morning! As bikes offer so many advantages over a car, so if you’ve ever been interested in riding a motorbike and love the culture, realistically, what is stopping you?

Car Sales

Why should you consider buying an electric car?

It’s no secret that the electric car market is the most rapidly growing sector of the motor industry and it has garnered everybody’s interest. But why are they so popular? Well electric cars offer a lot of advantages that petrol or diesel ran cars simply cannot provide, such as being quite cost affective and also present some niche benefits you may never had actually considered.

On the point of being cost effective, an electric vehicle is cheaper to run due to an electric bill or cost of a home charge point being far less expensive than having to fill up from a petrol station roughly every week, especially if you take into consideration the extortionate constantly rising petrol prices. As it has been calculated, on average, that If you cover 8,000 miles a year you will save around £1000 which can in turn can help to cover the bills or anything in your life that leads to unnecessary expenses. 

Another obvious point is that you are doing your bit for the environment, which of course shows passersby that you are promoting a healthy planet, which may have a knock-on effect to the people viewing your car. Furthermore electric cars have 0 emissions being polluted into the atmosphere and less noise pollution which is a large problem in bigger cities. On top of that, with no vehicle noise you really get a feel for the road as you glide across it hearing only the tyres roll against the surface of the road. 

Also did you know the Nissan Leaf’s interior is made out of 60% recycled water bottles? So when you do buy certain electric vehicles like the Leaf that use recyclable materials, you genuinely are saving the planet. And further coming back to the topic of emissions, cars in the UK make up 25% of all carbon emissions so buy having more people driving around in electric motors, this leads to cleaner air and a healthier planet.

Electric vehicles are so convenient that you can even charge them at home, all be it that the range on some of the models are not great compared to Tesla’s 250-350 miles on some cars. It means you will never have to fill up at a petrol station ever again, all you need to do is leave the charge on overnight and you’ll be at a full charge for the morning. Or if your on the road stop of at a charging point, sit down take a break from driving, have a tea or coffee and you’ll be all set to go.

One final point that may be the deciding factor in you purchasing an electric vehicle or not is that many governments, like the UK’s will give you a grant to buy a brand new one. This saves you a significant amount of money, as governments across the world are desperate to stop climate change and save the planet. Furthermore with no emissions, this means no road tax, which can really help you financially as that is one less thing to pay for which is another perk of owning an electric vehicle.

On the whole there is a lot to consider before making the commitment to an electric vehicle, as although it is a car it can be seen as as lifestyle too. If you are one who cares for the planet and feels the need to spread awareness and convey your message to everybody who sees you car, you should not hesitate to invest in one. But as we look to the future and the strong possibility of governments around the world employing more regulations around the use of petrol and diesel ran cars, the time to buy an electric car is now.

Car Sales

Things you must consider when buying a car

When it comes to buying a car, it is understandable you may feel slightly apprehensive or maybe overthinking some parts of the buying process. So to put your mind at ease and allow you to get the right car for you, here are the most important tips and things to take into consideration before making that important purchase. 

First things first although possibly the most simple, only buy what you can afford, you should never put yourself in financial strain over a car. A car is one of the most important purchases you will make in your life next to a house, so you must not be tempted by that gorgeous V8 on offer that is just out your suitable price range, as a nice car is not worth financial turmoil. Furthermore don’t forget to check how much insurance and road tax maybe, as this is something often overlooked, just like the running costs. A lot of people can be met with a nasty surprise when they don’t look into any extra costs and can get unintentionally low on cash.

On the note of practicality you should ensure your vehicle meets your everyday needs, from your commute, to what you will keep in it, to who will be in it. You should ensure you have the appropriate boot space and seating for your everyday needs. Because if you have a family, you must consider if everyone can comfortably fit with their own personal belongings. As not many sports cars can carry a family let alone the weekly shop!

Thinking long term is so important when it comes to purchasing a car, for example a good thing to do is to do some research on how well the model of car, that you want to buy performs over time and researching its longevity. This can potentially save you a good amount of unneeded expenses on repairs, due to the car not performing over time. You should also look long term when it comes to value as well, because when it comes time to part ways you should ensure you will still be able to get some of the original cash back you payed for it. Furthermore you should also know your current cars worth too, as you will be able to sell that if need be, to buy a car slightly out of your current price range.

When you’ve found the car for you, always be sure to test drive it before making the final purchase as only then will you know if its the right one. You will get used to the turning circle, the seat and where your body is sits, all the minor differences that makes each car unique. As one of the most catastrophic mistakes you can make is to buy a car without fully getting a feel for it, then regretting it after only a week of driving. 

On the whole take all these points into careful consideration and remember to buy from a trusted seller with consistently good reviews. As the importance of the purchase of a car cannot be stressed enough, and you do not want to be deceived by a dishonest seller.

Car Sales

Why are petrol hatchbacks becoming more popular?

Over the last few years there has been a large shift in the car market with people now buying what they need, not so much what they want. This in turn has lead to a significant rise in the amount of hatchbacks bought by the public, with people choosing practicality over a car that will run up unnecessary expenses or be hard to drive. In this modern day world, with everything so constant and on-the-move people just need that comfy reliable run around to get them from A to B in a bit of style. 

Firstly, hatchbacks are often very fuel efficient, economic cars, that also have great longevity being very dependable and versatile. It is an ideal type of car for the majority of the population too, with it being a perfect commute car that also has enough room for 4 people, and most having sizeable leg room too and a considerable boot space, where you can comfortably fit your weekly shop. Modern day hatchbacks are made for every aspect of life, as in the last decade especially, they have became a lifestyle.

Furthermore a hatchback is a perfect first car for new drivers, as insurance is low and so are the running costs, with them being relatively easy to drive as they don’t take up too much road space, meaning they are easy to parallel park too! The simplistic, clean layout many of them have make them an ideal first car as they have all the fundamental things you need, without the over complicated technology of many cars in 2019.

On the whole a hatchback is probably the safest and most financially sound car to buy. As statistics show that around 75% of hatchbacks maintain 58% of their value after three years, which on average is 23% better than any other type of car. Presenting all these reasons about the advantages of owning a hatchback makes it very apparent why so many people are flocking towards buying them. They are reliable, relatively inexpensive and practically stylish with there being so many to choose from to pick your style.

Car Sales

Why have the classic car sales market slowed up now that interest rates are up?

Over the past few years we have witnessed the classic car market explode in value, with a Bugatti EB110 and a Ferrari F40 once being worth a respected 165k and 200k yet to get hold of anyone of these majestic machines now will cost you over seven figures. So what has happened to the classic car market? That Is the question on the mind of many classic car sellers and buyers.

As prices are at an all time high this will lead to fewer buyers, as now fewer people can afford the cars they once could have comfortably bought. This had lead to a lot of speculation and uncertainty in the current market, as many buyers are unsure if the car they are purchasing will be a worthwhile investment, so henceforth this has to lead to fewer buyers, meaning there are now fewer cars on the market, so, therefore, cars that were once rare and now basically obsolete now.

The future of the classic car market is uncertain as ever as it is so difficult to predict. But many speculators are waiting for the eventual crash which they have believed in since late 2017, but the longer they wait and more hesitant they become this still means a further reason for fewer buyers.

Although is it impossible to completely predict the future, many experts and experienced buyers believe the price in classic cars will next drastically drop before it drastically increases, but that doesn’t mean it may not slowly increase until then. So take the experts to advise on board yet always stay diligent in this ever-changing and perplexing market.