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Shopping habits and why people rarely do a weekly shop now

In today’s modern, fast moving and ever evolving world people are now looking for things quicker and more on the go than ever. Over the years the current generation of adults has become busier than the last and more concerned with using their time efficiently, often not doing things the previous generation would as it is too time consuming, such as the weekly shop.

In recent years there has been a rapid decline in the amount of people who do one shop a week for all their food needs, as according to The Guardian 66% of people go into a food store more than once a day. The sort of ‘grab and go’ attitude is what many modern adults do as it is clearly on the rise, but this doesn’t come without any downsides. The subsequent result of this style of shopping and eating can actually be more expensive without you realising, as you are less aware of the price on a day to day bases when only buying small items, which can add up over time.

Also when you are not planning for a week of eating, this can often lead to it being harder to follow a diet or eat healthy as if you are looking to buy your meals on a near daily basis, often people think short term and do not allow themselves to think long term of what food they’re consuming, as if you are shopping do the short term it is hard to sustain a healthy, balanced diet. And with many supermarkets open for around 18 hours or more a day, it has never been more convenient to pop in before, during or after work.

With people’s lives and mind-sets changing, so are the supermarkets. Many top tier supermarket brands like Tesco and Waitrose are now focusing on more convenient stores, as many big brands of food retailers are expanding to smaller 24-hour convenience stores. This is to tailor to people buying less but more often, which is starting to become more of a normal shopping pattern in today’s society, as the weekly shop may soon become a thing of the past.

Forecourt shop

Fresh baked bread and why people love it so much.

There is simply nothing more warming and wholesome than when preparing lunch, using freshly baked bread. From the crunchy and warm outside loaf, to the soft textured inside it compliments any lunchtime food you are preparing. There is something satisfying and reassuring about buying bread that has just been made, fresh out the oven, instead of buying from a shop shelf. This is backed up by science which proves that freshly baked bread is not only higher quality but also is healthier for your heart and less fattening.

One of the most prominent and alluring factors to why people prefer freshly baked bread to many shop shelved packed bread is the distinct smell, it is so inviting as there is simply no other item in a shop that can draw you in so much, even if it is not on your shopping list! Freshly baked bread is the cornerstone of a nice family lunch, as it holds such warming and family-like connotations, as it is appropriate for any occasion.

If baked bread is made correctly it can make you feel like you are in a bakery shop in the middle of France, as baked bread will most likely taste the same wherever you are in the world, bringing you a guaranteed taste of warmth and goodness. To make bread to the highest standard you need to find the right combination between soft and crunchy to make for the perfect bite which can create the absolute perfect mix of an amazing crunch and beautifully flavoured scent.

If you are on your weekly shop or just happen to need to stock up on some bread, there is really no reason to get a loaf or baguette which has just been freshly made! It is a healthier alternative to normal bread with no added chemicals, has a wholesome taste and has an all-around hearty warmth to it, which simply cannot be beaten with mass produced bread!