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Why have a wedding car if you are getting married at the same venue as the reception?

When planning a wedding day, many people’s first things to do is to book the wedding car. It is something many grooms and brides have thought of their whole life and having that dream car makes the day that extra special. This can range from a Jaguar E-Type to a Rolls Royce Phantom but why have your dream car on your special day if you are getting married at the same venue as the reception?

One of the main reasons to still hire the car is for photos, your wedding day will hold a lifetime worth of memories and photos to look back upon over the years. If you hire the car you’ve dreamt of having at your wedding your whole life it will be so worth it, when reminiscing over the years as you come across photos of you and your loved one stood next to the car you dreamt of having at your wedding.

Another reason is that, when people get married at the same venue as the reception often the bride or groom get ready at their close families house, around their loved ones and meet at the venue. This is ideal to rent a wedding car as you can still arrive in style if you are the bride or groom.

On the whole if you’re getting married at the same venue as the reception, hiring a car is still something you should strongly consider and there is no reason at all to dismiss the idea! As you can still arrive how you’ve dreamed of, on the best day of your life.

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What size of van and things to consider before hiring a van.

When hiring a van there are many different things you must take into consideration, which many people often disregard. As this process is often rushed and largely unplanned,being quite spontaneous. Yet many people do not actually way out their options, leading many people to be quite unhappy with the van they’re renting. To prevent this i have compiled a brief of basic things you need to consider before hiring a van.

First of all, a van is supposed to be a sturdy, reliable piece of machinery that will not fail the job in hand you have planned. So make sure it is! Make sure the van you are hiring is fit for purpose so you are not left with a breakdown and an incomplete job. Also another similar thing to consider is the capacity of the van, make sure you know how much it can hold. Being able to forward think for how much capacity you will need in a van to be practical is key. If you are moving a lot of things, or for example heavy furniture it would be wise to go with a large van with a lot of capacity such as the popular Ford Transit, to get the job done. But be aware that sometimes a van with bigger capacity may cost more to hire, as a smaller van may be cheaper by the manufacturer, so you may have to pay the premium of a bigger vehicle.

If you are a business hiring a van for an event or moving, you should focus on how the van portrays your business. Will it represent it well enough? How clean is it? These are some things to consider as if you hire a cheap, bruised, rusty old van to cut costs, this may negatively reflect your business to others as poor brand imaging. To avoid this do not be afraid to fork out a little more to insure your brand looks good and is represented well by the van you are hiring.

These are the main things to consider when hiring a van, as its always worth to go over and revise the basics before committing to hiring, this avoids unhappiness with your hire and allows you to get the job you have in mind done properly. Finally be aware that some companies require you to be over 25 to rent some vans with large capacity, so to avoid any confusion or if you are uncertain of what type of van to hire, go over these key things to consider and you’ll be fine.

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What to check before going on a long road trip to make sure your car is ready

Before taking your car on a long road trip, preparation is key, if you just do a few checks before leaving it can prevent a nasty breakdown and increase the longevity of your car but what should you check?

The normal place to start is to check the fluids on your car, if you need an in-depth reminder you should check your; engine oil, radiator fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, air conditioning coolant and washer fluid. These are the basics which every car owner should know how to do, as it is very helpful in preventing breakdowns and maintaining a healthy car.

You should also check your tyres, that goes for your air pressure and tread depths, this will maintain stability and avoid wear below the legal limit, which you could check by using a 20p coin, if you need more information refer to the blog on how to check tread depths to ensure yours are within the legal limit.

Also remember to check all signals in your car, from indicators to hazard lights. These could be often neglected yet as you know so important. As without these vital lights, you may ends up causing confusion on the road which may lead to an accident, furthermore you may end up being pulled over by the police.

To conclude one point that may seem like common sense is to wash your car! Make sure all your windows are clear to stay diligent and maintain maximum visibility on the road. While cleaning your cleaning your car it worth using a jet wash, which should be at a nearby petrol station or a service in town. This keeps your car cleaner for longer and leave it looking like it just came out of the factory.

These are the basic checks you should do before a road trip, this ensures safety and longevity of your vehicle which are the two most important things to keep in mind when preparing for a long road trip