Cambridge Traffic Problems and the new guided bus way in Coton

Cambridge is a city of iconic landmarks, beautiful scenery and one of the most desired tourist’s destinations in the whole country, and recently an area of great traffic problems, so why is that? First of all one reason is that during holidays, especially in the summertime many people flood the narrow streets to sightsee, go shopping or experience the scenery. Furthermore as previously stated people from all around the world want to experience the sophisticated culture Cambridge has to offer, standing out from many other major cities, being so rich in famous history.

But it’s not that simple. As shockingly Cambridge officially has the slowest traffic in the UK with an average driving speed of around 14mph being named the ‘gridlock capital’ of the UK. But on the other hand, why would you want to rush past such beautiful architecture anyway? A reason found for this is that Cambridge, unlike many cities in the world, caters for those who travel by bicycle with the streets being flooded with people peddling through them, at such a high rate that no other city in England comes close. These cycle lanes take up a lot of space on the road, so cars come congested as fewer cars can move forward at green lights, leading to longer lines of stationary cars at red lights.

One of the biggest problems of the traffic being so congested is that the local economy is taking a hit as people cannot simply pop in and out of shops and businesses like they can in smaller villages. The traffic puts people off going into town, as it seen as more of a journey than a quick trip out.


One of the innovative ideas that has been thought up to combat the heavy congestion is to have a bus way going through the heart of city. This is more catered to tourists, allowing locals to use the roads easier and navigate round without stopping and getting frustrated. The park and ride scheme also applies to this, the principle is that there are bus stations around Cambridge with large parking lots so that people can park their cars and use the bus as transport to go around and through the heart of the city without congesting the roads. This will allow users a shorter journey time on the road and less air pollution on the roads from stationary cars which are a concern to the area.


Cambridge will continue to invest in this bus way system until 2022, where every year congestion is becoming less prominent and roads are finally becoming freer flowing. This will also hopefully lower the amount of air pollution in the area and give back a boost to the local economy, as more tourists and locals find it easier to navigate the city.