Why is a Range Rover still the best 4×4 on the market?

White Range Rover Sport 2010
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Since 2005 when Range Rover released its first sport models, their image of pure excellence in performance and magnificent road presence has continued to build up with new releases redefining what people once thought a 4×4 once was. With all the customary 4×4 cars it has a shockingly impressive ability to handle any terrain with the V8 engine giving it a mammoth amount of speed, as the Range Rover 5.0 Supercharged has a top speed of 140mph doing 0-62 in 5.1 seconds.

It is not just the speed that sets it aside from the rest; I believe the interior of recent models may even strongly compete with prestige cars around the world not just on the 4×4 market. With many materials used such as wood it really stands out as a beautiful piece of art and can really positively astound someone upon sitting inside it for the first time.

In comparison to the BMW X5, the Range Rover is focused on being detailed for the purpose of luxury compared to a sportier looking BMW. The primary goal of Range Rover is to deliver a strong off road presence, being the best car in the world to perform this having no car come remotely close, with a stunning design and interior. This being said the way Range Rover crafts wood into the interior is phenomenal to say the least, with the smooth cut finish it can have the ability to impress anybody. But in some cases the price for all the ludicrous luxuries can be quite an issue for example with the Autobiography black edition costing upwards of £130,000, these can sometimes leave to people passing on the car, and going for a cheaper alternative. But being the best 4×4 this price can be seen as reasonable when you see what they are capable of.

2010 Range Rover Vogue SE in White Wrap
Land Rover Range Rover Vogue SE in White For weddings and self drive hire

On the whole a Range Rover is one of the most respected modern car brands in the world due to the sport series, as it has successfully changed the image of a modern day 4×4 sparking different brands to follow suit on this trend such as BMW, Audi and Jaguar. The roads look completely different due to the fact around 20 years ago 4×4’s were rarely seen on roads but since the trend of luxury 4×4’s Range Rover introduced, the roads are flooded with these beautiful beasts. As they elegantly glide along the tarmac they can just as easily tackle tough mountain terrain as I commend them for sticking to their roots as they evolve into new exciting designs.